Friday, August 27, 2004

This week's Planning Applications

The Council has received the following planning applications this week for the Adamsdown ward:

04/02050/C: Certificate of Lawful Use - Existing
Received: 19/08/2004

Applicant: Mrs M Jahn, C/O Nazir Ahmed, 175 Albany Road, Cardiff, CF24 3NU
Agent: Nazir Ahmed, 175 Albany Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3NU
At: 34 Broadway, Adamsdown, Cardiff

04/02055/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 20/08/2004
Applicant: Ellen Richards, 48 Theodora Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff
Agent: Cardiff County Council, Viv Browning - Disabled Grants, City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff

At: 48 Theodora Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff

04/02069/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 25/08/2004
Applicant: Mr Richardson, C/O DTB Design, 286 North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BN
Agent: DTB Design, D Thomas, 286 North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BN
At: 44-45, Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Further details on these applications can been seen at City Hall during normal working hours

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bank Holiday - Refuse Collection

Just a reminder that this weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend. Next week's refuse collection will be on Thursday 2nd September (and not Wednesday as is normally the case).

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Pearl Street Drains

Following complaints from local residents, the problem with smelly drains in Pearl Street has been identified as being caused by a missing stopper in the highway gulley outside No 88.

An order has been raised for the stopper to be replaced and this will be undertaken within the next seven days.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Proposed Garesfield Street Boundary Wall Scheme

Following the declaration of West Adamsdown as a Renewal Area, the Council is proposing to undertake a scheme to demolish the existing dilapidated boundary walls and fences to the rear and flank of No's 2 to 28 Constellation Street and replace them with new (the rear being that part of the properties that backs on to Garesfield Street). The proposed new walls will be of a similar height to those demolished and will be constructed from facing brickwork. The scheme will also include the replacement of existing gates and doors with new.

It is anticipated that the scheme will be at no cost to the property owners and the Council is consulting with residents to ascertain those wishing to participate in the scheme.

Black Bridge - Further information

The Council has issued the following press release concerning the work recently carried out on the Black Bridge

Black Bridge Now Showing In Technicolour.

Young people from Eastmoors Community Centre are helping to transform Cardiff's Black Bridge by designing and painting a mural of many colours to improve the condition of the key local landmark which links the communities of Adamsdown and Splott.

The art project has been co-ordinated by Cardiff Council with the assistance of council youth workers and support from the Princes Trust. Funding has been provided through the Council's Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme programme.Cardiff artists Bradley Woods and Andrew Hartford have been working with the group of young people for several weeks to design, scope and produce the mural, which the Council hopes will help combat continuing problems with graffiti and anti-social behaviour on the bridge.

Bradley (29) a self-taught artist who grew up in Splott and has been working with schools and youth groups in Cardiff and throughout England and Wales for several years, said: "Too often young people get a rap for their exploits, but this project shows the true extent of their potential if they are given the chance to use it."

"We have been working on the design and preparation of this commission for several weeks and have followed the same process I would for any professional job. The kids have been totally enthusiastic and we have been running to catch up with them at times."

Members of the youth club at Eastmoors have been instrumental in bringing the project to fruition. After consultation with ward members and young people in the area the Black Bridge was identified as a potential location for an art project last year and Liz Dutton a youth worker for Splott, Adamsdown and Tremorfa has been working with neighbourhood planners, her contacts in the community and the Princes Trust to bring the project forward.

"This has been a great experience for everyone," she said. "And the project has done wonders for the self-confidence of the young people involved, who have benefited immensely by being part of the whole process from start to finish. They have had the satisfaction not only of seeing their ideas taken on board but of showing the community what they are capable of."

The Princes Trust has also supported the project through their development officer Sobia Iqbal, who is employed by the Trust under the Communities First Initiative to work with young people aged 14 to 25 in Splott.Working with Liz, Sobia, Bradley and Andrew, the young people, who all attend the Eastmoors Youth Club, decided on a welcome theme for one side of the bridge, depicting the Splott community, and on the other side an "express yourself positively" mural which shows different characters all expressing themselves positively through activities such as basketball and DJ'ing.

Hannah Kirkland, Senior Strategic Planning Officer for Cardiff Council said the authority was delighted at the success of the project and the young people's enthusiasm. "This is what neighbourhood renewal schemes are all about - a partnership with the community, for the benefit of the community."

"Graffiti has been an ongoing problem on the Black Bridge, but this is an excellent example of young people taking direct ownership of an issue to help make their community a better place. I'm really impressed at their efforts and I think locals will be too when they see the results."

The Black Bridge Project was given funding last year to undertake environmental improvements to the bridge including replacing the parapet fencing, repaving access ramps, installing new street lighting, litterbins and motorcycle barriers. Further funding has been made available this year to complete the work and address ongoing issues of graffiti and community safety. CCTV is also to be introduced on the bridge.

Cardiff Council runs the annual Neighbourhood Renewal Schemes programme to help implement local regeneration schemes across the city. If you would like to know more about the programme, please contact Neighbourhood Planning, Cardiff Council, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4UW. Ph (029) 2087 3263.

Monthly Unemployment Statistics

The monthly unemployment statistics for Adamsdown in July, as compiled by the Office of National Statistics, are as follows:

Male - 221 (up 15)
Female - 63 (up 9)
Total - 284 (up 24)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Good News for the Adamsdown Community Partnership

We have been pleased to learn that the an application to employ a full-time Development Worker and a part-time Administrator for the Adamsdown Community Partnership has been approved by the Welsh European Funding Office.

The main aim of the project will be to implement the Community Action Plan that was formulated over the last two to three years. The Plan aims to come up with sustainable solutions to social exclusion in the Adamsdown area.

The posts are expected to be filled by mid October.

Congratulations must go to both the Scarman Trust and Cardiff Community Housing Association who were involved in the application process.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

We've made it!

Today on the BBC News web site, this blog is featured amongst nominations for the "Best sites by MPs and other elected representatives".

Read the report here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Black Bridge - Further Update

Access to the Black Bridge on Kames Place is restricted this week due to work preparing the Community Mural. Congratulations must go to all those involved as the design is very, very good.

38 To 42 Newport Road

An application has been received to convert the former office block on 38 to 42 Newport Road into residential units.

We have requested details of this development and have asked how many, if any, of the 158 planned units will be avaialble as social housing. As ever we'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 06, 2004

This Week's Planning Application

The Council has received the following planning application this week

04/01873/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 04/08/2004
Applicant: Brian Quinn, Garnllwyd, Llancarfan, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 3AT
Agent: CFW Architects, The Hawthorns, 6 North Road, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3DU
At: The Old Church, Adamsdown Square, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Full details of the application can be seen at City Hall during normal working hours.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Telecoms Equipment - Knox Road

An application for telecoms equipment, including a 11.7 metre mast, have been approved. The application, by T-Mobile, is for a site on Knox Road near the sign for Brunel House.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Black Bridge Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme

The Black Bridge Project was allocated funding last year to undertake some environmental improvements to the bridge, and further funding is available this year to complete the works.

Environmental enhancement works carried out last year included replacing the parapet fencing, repaving the access ramps, repairing and repainting the fencing, installing new street lighting, litter bins and motorcycle barriers (currently waiting to be installed).

Although the above works have improved the environment of the bridge, there are still issues to be addressed:

Graffiti - Since the installation of the solid parapet fencing over the railway lines, there have been problems with graffiti.

Community Safety - Visibility of pedestrians on the bridge has improved however the solid panels have resulted in restricted surveillance. Although enhancements have taken place to improve pedestrians' perception of the bridge, many users still have a fear of crime on the bridge. There are still issues with youths congregating on the bridge.

It is proposed that the project will be delivered in two parts:

1. Installation of CCTV cameras

2. Community mural on the fencing. A group of young people in the area will be working with the Princes Trust, Youth Services and a local community artist to produce a mural on the solid panels on the bridge. A copy of the art work will be on display at Eastmoors Community Centre, the Star Centre and Splott Swimming Pool the week commencing 2nd August if you wish to see it prior to implementation on the bridge. The art work will be taking place Friday 13th August, 10am - 4pm. The bridge will be closed to access at these times.

If you wish to discuss the project further, please contact Neighbourhood Planning, Cardiff County Council, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4UW. Tel: 029 20 873 263

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Councillors' Surgery

Your local Councillors will be holding an advice surgery this coming Saturday, 7th August.

If you wish to raise an issue with Nigel or John then please come along to Roath Library on Newport Road between 11am and 12pm. No appointment is necessary.

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