Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Have your say on the schools plans 

Cardiff's Liberal Democrat controlled council will give everyone a chance to have a say on the schools plans over the next three months.
A series of public meetings will also be held, every resident will be able to see a copy of the plans at their local library and full details are on www.cardiff.gov.uk
Consulting the people
Local Lib Dem councillor Nigel Howells said, "Nothing will be agreed until everyone has had a chance to have a say.
"The council really want to know what you think about the schools plans."
Cardiff Lib Dems want to give as many people as possible a chance to have their say.

Schools Plan Hotline (029) 2087 3450

Why some schools must close 

Schools need to be reorganised in Cardiff as falling birth rates have meant there are nearly 9,000 spare places in schools across the city, and the number is rising.
These surplus places are costing £3 million a year. The Lib Dems would prefer to see this money invested in education rather than empty places.
The council has also been told by the Labour Assemly Government that it needs to reduce the level of surplus places across the city.

How the plans affect Adamsdown 

Currently there are nearly 250 surplus school places in the schools serving Adamsdown. These places cost money, and the waste is damaging the quality of education provided in our schools.
Under the proposals there will be no change to the schools serving Adamsdown. There will, however, be a massive investment in school buildings.

Adamsdown Primary will receive over £2 million for building improvements and Stacey Primary will receive over £600,000.
There will also be over £7 million of investment at Willows High School.

Local councillor John Dixon said, "It is essential that we fix the schools mess we inherited. This involves tough decisions, but the investment programme will provide a better quality of education for all pupils in Cardiff."

Local councillor Nigel Howells added, "Liberal Democrat councillors wish to see the best education for the children of Cardiff, and that is what this programme aims to deliver."

Quotes on the schools plans 

"To change the schools system means schools will close. But these unpopular decisions must be taken now - for the good of this and future generations."
South Wales Echo, 17/11/2005

"More schools in Wales need to close or merge to keep pace with declining numbers, according to the [Labour] Assembly Government."
Western Mail, 01/03/2006

"For too long Cardiff has had very poor school buildings and an enourmous backlog in its programme for modernisation... We are all agreed that doing nothing is no longer an option."
Joint statement by the Cardiff Primary and Secondary Headteachers Conferences, South Wales Echo, 05/04/2006

"You can't justify wasting money on empty desks and certainly you cannot justify leaving schools in a situation where they don't have enough money to do the job properly."
Chair of Cardiff School Governors' Association, speaking to BBC Wales, 05/04/2006

Massive investment in education 

Liberal Democrats plan £300 million cash boost
Education standards in Cardiff are predicted to soar thanks to a huge cash boost unveiled by Lib Dem council chiefs.
The plan, which will run for the next 10-15 years, will mean more money is spent on our children's education, and less is wasted on partially empty schools.
No more portacabins
The plan will see new schools and buildings built across Cardiff. The entire £60 million backlog of school building repairs and every single portacabin will be removed.
Delivering better education
Council Leader, Rodney Berman said, "The aim is to deliver the highest possible standard of education for our children, in schools fit for the 21st century. Any savings will be invested back where it counts - in education."
Whilst some will need to be closed, all remaining schools will see improvements to their facilities. There will also be an increase in the number of Welsh language schools.

Monthly unemployment figures 

The unemployment figures for the ward of Adamsdown, for the month of March 2006, were as follows:

Male - 249 (down 7)
Female - 70 (down 2)
Total - 319 (down 9)

32 Pearl Street 

The council is attempting to acquire No 32 Pearl Street, either by agreement with the owner or by requesting a Compulsory Purchase Order.

The property has been empty for a few years, with no sign of it being sold or renovated within a reasonable timescale. The property is also causing a nuisance to local residents.

Your local Lib Dem councillors support this action.

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