Thursday, September 23, 2004


Cardiff Council is urging the Welsh Local Government Association not to accept the proposed Standard Spending Assessment for social care as it would lead to cuts of £3m to the Council’s services or lead to significant increases in Council Tax payments.

The WLGA is due to meet this morning to discuss the implications of the SSA. Cardiff Council has major concerns about what the SSA will mean for services and at the speed at which the new spending regime is meant to come into force.

Council Leader Rodney Berman said, “These formulas are very complex and the Welsh Assembly Government cannot implement them at short notice without examining all the implications very carefully. To do so would be irresponsible in the extreme. We must be clear that if this goes ahead essential services will be cut.”

The Council is also warning that due to the recent revaluation of Council Tax in Wales the average householder’s bill in the capital could increase by 3.5 per cent just to cover the cost of vital, frontline services if the SSA is implemented.

Cllr Berman added, “The WLGA must bear in mind that the SSA comes on top of the impact of the Council Tax revaluation in Wales. We must be clear that if this goes ahead essential services will be cut. The only way we will be able to protect social care services will be through savage cuts to other vital services or face a huge increase in Council Tax payments.”

Cardiff’s Executive Member for Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Cllr John Dixon added, “The Welsh Assembly Government is rightly demanding significant and urgent improvements to social care in Cardiff and we are working hard at that because we want better for the people of Cardiff but they can’t have it both ways.

“Making huge cuts in funding would undoubtedly derail the improvement process and pose a significant threat to out ability to deliver the first rate social care that our city’s most vulnerable people expect and deserve. We are urging our colleagues in the WLGA to defer implementation of these changes while all the implications are fully examined.”

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Monthly Unemployment Statistics

The monthly unemployment statistics for Adamsdown in August, as compiled by the Office of National Statistics, are as follows:

Male - 225 (up 4)
Female - 68 (up 5)
Total - 293 (up 9)

New Cycleway - Newport Road

The Council is considering proposals to introduce a shared cycleway/footway on a section of Newport Road. This will be for use by both cyclists and pedestrians. The route will follow a section of the southern side of Newport Road on the footway near its junction with Colchester Avenue to near its junction with Beresford Road.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Builders' Compound - Adamsdown School Playing Fields

Good news. The builders compound on part of Adamsdown School playing fields is no longer being used by the contractor. The contractor is preparing to reinstate the turf and will remove the hoarding once it has been established.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Newport Road - Pavement Improvements

We are pleased to report that work is soon to commence on reconstructing part of the pavement on Newport Road.

The area to be improved is the stretch from Stacey Court up to George Court.

The existing pavement is to be taken up and relaid with small element paving, to match what has already been done.

It is expected that the work will take five weeks to complete.

Splott Swimming Pool

The official re-opening of Splott Swimming Pool is to take place on Thursday 23rd September.

The Sports Council for Wales and Cardiff Council jointly funded the work, which included:

- A new roof and ceiling
- Upgrading of the shower areas
- A larger gym fitted out with new equipment
- A larger foyer area with new doors for easier and safer use for disabled customers
- A family/disabled changing room
- Complete refurbishment of the pool plant equipment and air handling units

Plans for new White Water Centre unveiled.

Plans for a new White Water Centre in nearby Cardiff Bay have been unveiled. Whilst not technically in Adamsdown, it will be of interest, and provide increased leisure facilities for Adamsdown's residents.

See how the South Wales Echo reports it here.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Clifton Street - Take Away Refused

John and Nigel are pleased to report that planning permission has been refused for a take away restaurant at 136 Clifton Street.

The reason that the application was refused was as follows:

The proposed development by reason of its likelihood to cause short stay parking on the nearby zebra crossing protection markings, would harm highway and pedestrian safety contrary to the provisions of the City of Cardiff Local Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance: Restaurants, Takeaways and other Food and Drink Uses 1996.

There are already over 20 other such establishments in the Clifton Street and Broadway area.

Cardiff In Bloom

Congratulations to the following winners, in the Adamsdown ward, of the 2004 Cardiff In Bloom competition:

Best Kept Rear Garden (Adamsdown) - Mrs Manfield, Comet Street (Winner)
Best Kept Rear Garden (Cardiff) - Mrs Manfield, Comet Street (Winner)
Best Kept Place Of Worship - St German's Church (Winner)
Best Kept Place Of Worship - Trinity Methodist (Runner Up)
Best Kept Community Building (Limited Access) - HM Prision (Winner)
Super Gardener - Mrs Colley, Anderson Place (Runner Up)

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