Friday, May 27, 2005

Cardiff’s Children’s Service Continues to Improve says Minister

The Minister for Health & Social Services, Dr Brian Gibbons, reported to the National Assembly’s Health and Social Services Committee, on 25th May that Children's Services in Cardiff are continuing to improve. His report says that Cardiff is “continuing to demonstrate progress in a significant number of key areas”.

Cllr John Dixon, Cardiff Council’s Executive Member for Health, Social Care and Wellbeing, said: “This is excellent news. I am delighted to see that the effort we are putting in is beginning to bring the results we all want.”

He added: “We still have many obstacles to overcome; we have only just begun to reshape the service to improve outcomes for children and provide better value for money.“

The report outlined several areas where performance had improved or been sustained including:
  • 100%, of decisions are being made on referrals within 24 hours. All children referred are being risk assessed at the point of referral.
  • A considerable improvement in the completion of core assessments. Targets set have been exceeded
  • There has been an improvement in conducting reviews on looked after children, and performance reviewing children on the child protection register has been maintained. in relation to reviews for looked after children has improved again this quarter

On the other hand performance in completing initial assessments on time has declined.

The Minister’s report also acknowledges progress in building the infrastructure, progress that should yield further improvements in service delivery in the future. Cardiff is still short of social workers and managers, but the report acknowledges the efforts that Cardiff is making to address this. During this period Cardiff implemented a new client information and management system. Managers are confident that this will help maintain the momentum of improvement.

This report is the latest in a series of quarterly reports based on monitoring by the Assembly Government’s Social Care Inspectorate, and covers the period January to March 2005. There will not be a report next quarter because a full inspection of Children’s Services will be undertaken in June and July by a team from the Inspectorate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Clifton Street Regeneration

Cardiff Council have appointed consultants (Atkins) to undertake a study to look at the opportunities to regenerate Clifton Street. The aim is to work with the local community to prepare a strategy that will solve a wide range of environmental problems affecting the area.

Some initial ideas have been developed, but we need the views of the people that live near and work and use Clifton Street on a daily basis to ensure that the most important issues are addressed.

A leaflet outlining the ideas that have been brought forward to date has already been distributed widely in the Adamsdown area.

There are also two community exhibitions planned:

Tuesday 24th May - 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Saturday 28th May - 10 am to 2 pm

The exhibition is being held at 19 Clifton Street (between 'Greggs' and 'Jack Brown Bookmakers').

So come along and have your say.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Coming To Planning Committee

The following planning applications are due to be discussed by the Planning Committee at its meeting on 18th May:

Lead Street
An application has been received to build two appartments on the land adjacent to 26 Lead Street. This would replace the existing, disused two storey building on this site.

Newport Road
An application has been received to build a decked, 112 space car park behind 40 Newport Road (formerly Admiral House).

Howard Terrace
It is proposed to convert No 6 Howard Terrace into 2 flats with a single storey rear extension.

Clyde Street
It is proposed to convert No 13 Clyde Street into 2 flats.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Recent Planning Decisions

The following decisions affecting Adamsdown have been made by the Council's Planning Committee:

Callaghan House, 50 Meteor Street
CCHA have received permission to convert their offices at Callaghan House into residential accomodation.
9 units will be created - 3 one bed and 6 two bed dwellings.
The main entrance will be moved from the front to the rear of the building.

117 Broadway
An application to build a new building incorporating 3 self contained flats on the cleared land on the corner of Broadway and Fox Street have been agreed.
There will be 2 two bed and 1 one bed flats.

51 Emerald Street
An application to convert 51 Emerald Street into 2 one bed appartments has been approved. The original plans, which had included a balcony at the first floor level, have been amended to remove the balcony following objections from neighbours.

Jenny Completes The Team

By being elected as MP for Cardiff Central last week, Jenny Willott has completed the Lib Dem Team in Adamsdown.

Adamsdown is now represented:

- on the Council by Lib Dems Cllr Nigel Howells & Cllr John Dixon;
- on the Assembly by Lib Dem Jenny Randerson AM;
- at Westminster by Lib Dem Jenny Willott MP.

The result was as follows:

Jenny Willott (Lib Dem) - 17,991 - 49.8% (+13.1%)
Jon Owen Jones (Labour) - 12,398 - 34.3% (-4.3%)
Gotz Mohindra (Tory) - 3,339 - 9.2% (-6.7%)
Richard Grigg (Plaid) - 1,271 - 3.5% (-1.3%)
Raja Gul Raiz (Respect) - 386 - 1.1% (+1.1%)
Frank Hughes (UKIP) - 383 - 1.1% (+0.5%)
Anne Savoury (Ind) - 168 - 0.5% (+0.5%)
Captain Beany (Ind) - 159 - 0.4% (+0.4%)
Catherine Taylor Dawson (Ind) - 37 - 0.1% (+0.1%)

Majority 5,593 - 15.5%
Turnout 36,132 - 59.2% (+0.9%)

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