Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cardiff Law Centre 

Cardiff Law Centre, operating from 41 to 42 Clifton Street, operates an Open Door Generalist Advice Service on a daily basis as follows:

Monday 10.00am to 12.30pm
Tuesday 2.00pm to 4.30pm
Wednesday 10.00am to 12.30pm
Thursday 2.00pm to 4.30pm
Friday 10.00am to 12.30pm

The service is free to people who live or work in Cardiff. No appointment is necessary.

In addition, the Cardiff Law Centre offers free Employment Law advice every fortnight, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

The dates of the next sessions are:

Wednesday 1st February
Wednesday 15th February
Wednesday 1st March
Wednesday 15th March
Wednesday 29th March
Wednesday 12th April
Wednesday 26th April.

Again, no appointment is necessary.

Monthly unemployment figures 

The unemployment figures for the Adamsdown ward for the Month of December 2005 were as follows:

Male 242 (down 1)
Female 64 (down 1)
Total 306 (down 2)

These figures are produced by the Cardiff Research Centre

Friday, January 20, 2006

Latest planning applictions 

The following planning applications have been received for the Adamsdown ward:

06/00066/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 10/01/2006
Applicant: Grant Lillywhite, Time 4 Recruitment, Enterprise House, 126-127 Bute Street, CARDIFF BAY, CF10 5LE
At: 167 Broadway, Adamsdown, Cardiff

06/00070/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 11/01/2006
Applicant: Chris Burridge, 2 Church Road, Whitchurch, CARDIFF, CF14
Agent: I. Stedman, 18 Turberville Place, CARDIFF, CF11 9NX

At: Rear of 206-210, Pearl Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Full details of both these applications can be viewed at City Hall during normal working hours.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Front of Tin Street flats to be cleared 

Following concerns raised at the last advice surgery, the Council will clear rubbish that has built up in front of the flats on Tin Street. The caretakers and cleaners hav also been asked to collect and clear any rubbish in future when they visit.

The Council is also looking into a more effective long term strategy for these flats which may be able to be tagged onto the urban renewal area programme for West Adamsdown. Works may include erecting railings to the front of the flats and the removal of the parking space at the side of the scheme, which seems to only act as a dumping group at present.

Tin Street damaged pavement to be replaced 

Tin Street, at its junction with Zinc Street, will have damaged area of paving removed and reinstated with approximately 46 square metres of tarmac. These works should be completed within the next 28 days, weather permitting.

Clifton Street/Tin Street junction to be cleared 

The junction at the corner of Clifton Street and Tin Street, which has been flooding in the recent heavy rain, is to be inspected following concerns expressed by John.

The Council was first aware of a problem with a blockage in the pied gully connection serving the two gullies outside and opposite the carpet shop at the beginning of December. High water jetting has been tried on several occasions to try to clear it, most recently on January 12th without success, so a transponder is now being used to identify the location of the blockage, so that it can be excavated and cleared. This should happen within the next month.

CCHA Work - Copper Street

We have received notice from Cardiff Community Housing Association that work will commence this month on the demolition and rebuilding of 12 Copper Street. The work will take approximately 8 months to complete.

The building contractors who will be carrying out the work are:

Tony G Harris Building Contractors Limited
8 Greenlawns
Tel: 029 2048 2483

If you have any queries regarding the work you should contact Julie Page of CCHA. Julie is supervising the work and can be contacted on 029 2046 8453.

CCHA Work - Lead Street

We have received notice from Cardiff Community Housing Association that work will commence this month on the demolition and rebuilding of 18 Lead Street. The work will take approximately 8 months to complete.

The building contractors who will be carrying out the work are:

Tony G Harris Building Contractors Limited
8 Greenlawns
Tel: 029 2048 2483

If you have any queries regarding the work you should contact Julie Page of CCHA. Julie is supervising the work and can be contacted on 029 2046 8453.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Cardiff Council’s Parks Service has received a special award from the Cardiff and Vale Parents Federation in recognition of “their work in promoting a positive understanding of people with a disability.”

The Federation which is linked to the Understanding Disability Group presented the certificate of recognition to Mike Clark of the Parks Service at the Understanding Disability Awards ceremony recently held at Barry Memorial Hall. The certificate recognises the Parks Service work with Charles Jones, a youngster with learning difficulties who has been employed by the Council since last spring working alongside the gardening staff helping to maintain the displays in Cardiff’s parks. Charles was referred by Quest who have been delighted by his progress. Charles has made a bright start to his career in Parks and said “I’m loving it. I’ve tried other types of work but I’m really enjoying the chance to be doing this out in the open air”.

Commenting on the award Councillor Nigel Howells, Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture added “We are delighted to have been able to offer Charles this opportunity and it is great to see him making the most of it. I am also very pleased that the Parks Service positive approach to inclusivity has been recognised. As a Council we are, of course, completely committed to providing equal opportunities for all.”


The wartime spirit returns to Cardiff over the next six weeks in a new free exhibition at the Old Library telling the dramatic story of the impact the Second World War had on the city and its people.

Cardiff’s War: 1939-1945 is told in local people’s own words and illustrated with archive photos, film and memorabilia. Hands-on exhibits such as a wartime shop, ration books and evacuees’ suitcases will help to bring the experience alive for all ages and a programme of free activities has been arranged over half term

Among the stories that feature in the exhibition are vivid recollections of the air raids that flattened many parts of the city, including the dramatic account of young Bertie Rowles returning home after sheltering overnight in a friend’s house during an air raid. His house was demolished but thankfully he was later reunited with his grandmother and sister, who he thought had been hiding in the cellar, safe and unharmed.

The children’s stories are particularly moving, especially the touching memories of youngsters evacuated from England to live with strangers in Cardiff, and there are impressive tales of resourcefulness during the shortages and rationing. The war also brought romance for some, including 72 GI brides from the Butetown area of Cardiff alone.

Alongside Cardiff’s story is Their Past Your Future, a touring exhibition from the Imperial War Museum and the National Library of Wales, showing how the people and the landscape in the rest of the UK were changed forever by the war.

Cllr Nigel Howells, Cardiff Council’s Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture said this exhibition would appeal across the generations. “There’s a whole generation for whom World War Two is simply history, so I hope Cardiff’s War will open their eyes to what members of their immediate family lived through in our city.

“I think it also illustrates the bravery and sacrifice of ordinary citizens during the War, not just those on the front line. Some of the stories are very moving, some of them are even quite funny in their own way, and you can’t help but admire the strength of character of everyone who kept Cardiff going through the war.”

Visitors who haven’t already shared their wartime experiences with Cardiff’s Museum Project Team will have an opportunity to contribute their memories to a new website being developed by Culturenet Cymru. Officers will be at the exhibition on January 19 and 20, and again on February 16 and 17, to record stories for inclusion on a new website, www.culturenetcymru.com which will feature contributions from across Wales.

Cardiff’s War: 1939-1945 is in the Old Library in The Hayes until February 28. The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 5pm and admission is FREE.


When people are asked what they like most about Cardiff the answer usually comes back – “Our parks”.
Cardiff Parks and Open Spaces make up 10% of the total area of the City and include some impressive parks, three of which have achieved national Green Flag status. Cardiff is also the proud holder of the National Britain in Bloom Award for the Large City category and will represent the UK in the European Entente Florale in 2006.

However, the challenges of the 21st century mean that there are increasing pressures on our parks and green spaces. Cardiff Council is now in the process of developing a new strategy for its parks and wants to hear from you.

The Council’s aim is to evaluate the current service, stimulate debate on the future of Cardiff’s Parks and provide an action plan for the future. It has made clear that it sees the provision of a range of high quality and accessible parks and green spaces as essential to the city’s wellbeing and economic development.

In the last 12-18 months the Council has been engaged in a major exercise bringing together information and consulting with the public and is now using that information to develop its plans.
From the initial consultation, major issues such as anti-social behaviour, population growth and the threat from climate change were all identified as having an impact on the way in which our parks are managed and used.

The Council has produced a series of briefing papers on these issues and will be making these available along with the draft strategy as part of the ongoing consultation process. The first step in the process will see the strategy discussed by the Council’s Scrutiny Committee this Tuesday (17th January) before a series of workshops and meetings are held with stakeholders and the public in February and March. A caravan exhibition explaining the thoughts behind the strategy will be visiting parks throughout the city in March to canvass more opinions from park users. The relevant documents will also be posted on the Council’s website.

Commenting on the plans Cllr Nigel Howells, Executive member for Sport, Leisure and Culture said: “Cardiff’s parks and green spaces are a vital part of our city and our future. I think it is important that everyone has a chance to have their say as we develop plans to protect and preserve these much-loved sites into the future.”

Once this stage in the consultation process is complete the final plans and strategy will be published in the autumn.

Latest Planning Applications

The Council has received the following planning applications for the Adamsdown ward:

06/00036/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 09/01/2006
Applicant: Mr. Abad Amin, 29 Groveland Road, Birchgrove, CARDIFF, CF14 4QX
Agent: Gyan Ghuman, Parkgrove Ltd., Four Winds, Vaendre Lane, Old St. Mellons, CARDIFF, CF3 OUH
At: 89-91, Stacey Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff

06/00037/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 09/01/2006
Applicant: Simon Jefferson, Bedok House, High Road, Ashton Keynes, Swindon, Wilts., SN6 6NX
At: Rear of, 13 Adamsdown Square, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Full details of both these applications can be viewed at City Hall during normal office hours.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Latest Adamsdown Focus

The latest Adamsdown Focus is hitting the streets. You can download a copy of it here.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Planning application refused

The Council’s Planning Department has refused the planning application submitted to convert the disused church on the corner of Pearl Street and Splott Road into 11 flats.

The reasons given for the refusal were:

1. The proposed development, by virtue of the number, size, design and siting of windows and alterations, is considered to represent a visually obtrusive and incongruous design feature on the building and would therefore detract from the appearance of the building and the visual amenities of the surrounding area which would be contrary to Policy 11 (Design and Aesthetic Quality) of the adopted City of Cardiff Local Plan (January 1996) and Policy 2.20 (Good Design) of the Deposit Unitary Development Plan (October 2003).

2. The proposal represents an ad hoc form of development, by virtue of the location of the proposed car parking to serve the residential development being on a separate site remote from the proposed flats and with no means of direct access to the proposed residential development from the car parking area which would therefore be contrary to Policy 2.57 (Access, Circulation and Parking Requirements) of the Deposit Unitary Development Plan (October 2003), the Council's approved 'Parking Guidelines' and Planning Policy Wales 'Technical Advice Note 12: Design' which seek to ensure that development proposals incorporate safe and convenient car parking provision.

Many thanks to those residents who wrote in expressing concern with the application.

Latest Planning Applications

The most recent planning applications received for the Adamsdown ward are as follows:

05/02843/C: Full Planning Permission
Applicant: The Handy Loan Company Limited, 2 Constelation Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff, CF24 0HN
Agent: E & N Associates, 142 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, CF14 3NA
At: 2 Constellation Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff

05/02846/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 14/12/2005
Applicant: Mr Richard Burgess, 15 Tansy Close, Thornhill, Cardiff
Agent: Stephen Hobday Chartered Architect, 19 Pitman Street, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9DJ
At: 1 Stacey Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Full details of both these applications can be viewed at City Hall during normal working hours.

Happy New Year

The Adamsdown Liberal Democrat Focus Team would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful 2006

A Capital New Year for families in Cardiff

Over 30,000 revellers thronged the streets of the Civic Centre and joined in Calennig – Cardiff Council’s New Year event - closing a year of festivities in 2005 as Cardiff celebrated 100 years as a city and 50 years as the capital of Wales.

The evening started with the free Admiral Family Fireshow spectacle where the changing of the seasons was depicted in fire, noise, colour and light – and was enjoyed by an audience who had made an early start to the New Year celebrations.

On the main live music stage in the Civic Centre, compere Charlie Power guided the party through to 2006 with Gidea Park turning the city surf mad with their Beach Boys tribute as they topped the festive bill supported by musical line–up Ska Cubano and Quattro.

Cllr Nigel Howells, Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture, said, “Tonight has been another wonderful celebration of free family entertainment in Cardiff and a great way for the city to finish our year of celebration in 2005.”

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