Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Budget 

Yesterday, Gordon Brown delivered his tenth budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Chancellor is trying to boost his image before taking over as Prime Minister, but more and more people are feeling let down by New Labour.

Unlike Labour and the Tories, the Liberal Democrat team in Parliament has won a reputation for putting honest choices before spin.

The Lib Dems took the lead in exposing the tax credit fiasco and we are demanding urgent action to tackle the growing personal debt crisis. You can find out more about our policies at www.libdems.org.uk/economy

At the same time we are calling on the Government to deal with the major threats of climate change by taking effective action to protect our environment.

The contrast between the principled approach of the Liberal Democrats under Sir Menzies Campbell and the Conservatives could not be greater. The Tories hope that by copying New Labour spin, we will all forget what a mess they made of running the economy the last time they were in power.

Unemployment has risen in 12 of the last 13 months while personal debt levels have ballooned. Official estimates show £1 in every five spent in Britain goes on servicing the cost of borrowing.

Businesses and our vital public services are drowning in red tape. NHS Trusts are beginning to announce cuts in the number of nurses as many of them plunge into debt. No wonder people are asking where all the money has gone.

The tax system is too complicated for business and for individuals. Low and middle income families are now caught while the rich pay accountants to organise avoidance.

Liberal Democrats want an economy that is stable and well managed and based on fairer, not higher, taxes and honest choices. If you support us, join us by visiting www.libdems.org.uk/support

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cardiff Museum gets go ahead 

Plans to take the development of a Cardiff Museum forward got the go-ahead last month when Cardiff Council agreed a budget which will enable officers to start researching themes and content for a museum, and to start building the collections.
The budget agreed for the coming year will allow staff to undertake research into what the people of Cardiff would like to see in their museum and to start seeking additional funding for the £4m set-up costs. If all goes to plan the museum could open in the Old Library within four years.

The budget will also allow the Council to employ an Exhibitions Officer to work with the Museum Project Officer on a programme of themed exhibitions over the next four years, which will provide an opportunity to sound people out and explore potential subjects to include in the museum. The Old Library has hosted three temporary exhibitions over the past 15 months focussing on Cardiff’s last 100 years, which have attracted over 48,000 visitors, many of whom have made suggestions as to what they would like to see featured in a museum.

Councillor Nigel Howells, Cardiff Council’s Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture was delighted that the initial funding had been agreed.
“The Council is aware that there is a huge interest in a potential museum for Cardiff, and that’s why we have highlighted it as one of our ambitions over the coming years,” he said.
“I’m very pleased that the bid for funding for the first year has been supported and this will allow us to undertake a lot of research and development work over the coming months.
“However we can’t create this museum alone. We will need further financial input to make it happen and we will be talking to potential partners about how they can help. But more importantly we need the participation of the people of Cardiff and I’m sure that they will respond generously when we ask for their ideas of what they’d like to see in their museum. We will also be asking them to share their stories and memories with us.”

The Museum project is being driven forward by Cardiff Council’s Marketing and Visitor Services team. Operational Manager Sally Edwards Hart welcomed the news of the funding. She said: “While it will obviously be of interest to local people, over the years our research has shown that visitors would also like to visit a museum about Cardiff. I’m delighted that the team can now get on with developing a new attraction giving both visitors and Cardiffians an insight into our city’s absorbing story.”

The development of a museum for the city has been a longstanding ambition of the Council. A feasibility study undertaken in 2003 assessed the range of options for a Cardiff Museum and highlighted The Old Library as a possible home.

Tag rugby festival 

Sport.cardiff are holding a rugby festival in partnership with the Cardiff Blues and the WRU on March 20 between 1 and 3pm. The event held at Meadow Lane Primary School’s new multi use games area is in order to link schools to the Cardiff Blues, develop rugby and increase awareness of the Heineken Cup Final Cardiff in May.

In the build up to the festival, sport.cardiff have been running tasters and skills session at four schools for children aged 9-11 years. The sessions have been run by sport.cardiff rugby development officers along with Blues community coaches and on the day actual Blues players will be attending and also showcasing the Heineken Cup itself!

Councillor Nigel Howells, Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture said ‘This is an excellent opportunity for the school to develop rugby and meet the Blues players. It will hopefully not only inspire them but also showcase the new multi-use games area to the community’

The Meadow Lane facility is a brand new multi use games area funded in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund. This was a much needed resource in the school as it is also to be used to develop sports in the wider community. It is anticipated that this type of event will display the versatility and potential of the new venue.
For further information contact – Abby Neal 02920 873982

Labour fails to support local Post Offices 

Labour councillors in Cardiff today refused to support a Lib Dem motion calling for the UK Government to take action to protect the post office network and to reverse its decision to discontinue the Post Office card account from 2010.

The Labour Government in Westminster has proposed ending the Post card account, which is the major source of income for most post offices. Between 2003 – 2010, the card account is expected to be worth £1 billion to the Post Office network and without it most Post Offices would be forced to close.

Local Councillor Nigel Howells said, “I am delighted the motion was passed, but disappointed with the stance of the Cardiff Labour Party. There are some Labour Councillors, who represent extremely poor parts of Cardiff, where people are very dependant on the post office. Cardiff Labour should have represented those residents, rather than be apologists for the Labour Government.”

The Lib Dem motion also called on the Welsh Assembly Government to review the Rural Business Rate Relief and introduce a small business rate relief scheme, which could be used to tempt businesses back to small local shopping centres.

Councillor Nigel Howells continued, “Whilst the Lib Dems want to regenerate some of the most deprived parts of Cardiff, including Clifton Street within the Adamsdown ward, the Labour party simply sit on the fence and refuse to support us. We need to invest in our local shopping centres, as they bring major economic, social and environmental benefits to our areas.”

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good news for Cemetery Park 

We are pleased to report that following a meeting of the council’s Planning Committee yesterday, the amended plans for Cemetery Park have been given the go ahead.

As you may have noticed, preparatory work has already begun. Now that the plans have been approved, work can start on reducing the height of the wall to make the park more visible, as well as opening up another entrance to the park on Moira Terrace.

We would like to thank all the local residents who have taken part in the planning exercise for the park. This really has been a community effort. We would also like to thank all the residents in Augusta Street, Moira Street, Moira Place, North Luton Place and South Luton Place who signed the petition in support of the plans.

If you would like to see a copy of the final plans then please contact Nigel on 2087 2532 or email him at nigel@adamsdown.org.uk

Monthly unemployment figures 

The unemployment figures for the Adamsdown ward for the Month of February 2006 were as follows:

Male 256 (up 8)
Female 72 (down 7)
Total 328 (up 1)

These figures are produced by the Cardiff Research Centre.

Friday, March 10, 2006

This week's planning applications 

The following planning application for the Adamsdown ward has been received this week:

06/00444/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 02/03/2006
Applicant: University of Glamorgan, Estates & Facilities Department, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL
Agent: Stephen Hill, Holder Mathias Architects, The Bonded Warehouse, Atlantic Wharf
At: Enterprise House, 84/85, Adam Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff

Full details can be obtained from City Hall during normal working hours.

The Tredegar - pub's licence gets revoked 

We are pleased to report that following a meeting of the council’s Licensing Committee today, the Premises Licence of the Tredegar has been revoked.

The committee heard representations from the police, from Cllr Nigel Howells and from a local resident. A petition signed by 67 residents was also presented supporting the action as well as 15 letters and emails from individual residents. There was also one letter opposing the action.

The committee heard, and accepted that:

1. There have been many incidents involving violent behaviour and the use of controlled drugs at the premises, and that the lives of the residents living in the vicinity have been blighted by the nuisance caused by the premises and its patrons.
2. That there has been an extensive history of such problems for at least six years.
3. The problems evidenced have resulted from the behaviour of the clientele of the premises which the management have been unable to address.
4. These problems have continued at a constant level despite at least five changes of licensee. The succession of licensees has not been successful in altering the culture of the persons attending the premises.

In view of the evidence the committee heard concerning public safety, crime, disorder and public nuisance they decided that it would be appropriate to revoke the Premises Licence.

As your local elected representatives, we fully support this move. For too long, residents have suffered from the anti social behaviour of patrons of the pub. Hopefully the peace and quiet that residents have experienced since the pub was closed in September can continue from now on. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the debate, either by writing or by signing the petition. This was an excellent example of the community coming together and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Latest planning applications 

The following planning application has been received for the Adamsdown ward:

06/00373/C: Full Planning Permission
Received: 21/02/06
Applicant: Mr. K. Kanthabalan, 42 Broadway, Roath, CARDIFF
Agent: The Design Group Three Limited, Somas Kandiah, 53 Corporation Road, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 7AP
At: 42 Broadway, Adamsdown, Cardiff

More details on this application can be viewed at City Hall during normal working hours.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Monthly Unemployment Figures 

The unemployment figures for the Adamsdown ward for the Month of January 2006 were as follows:

Male 248 (up 6)
Female 79 (up 15)
Total 327 (up 21)

These figures are produced by the Cardiff Research Centre

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Help reduce crime locally 

The Roath Communities First Team are committed to reducing crime and antisocial behaviour in the Adamsdown area. They strongly believe that this can only be done with the assitance of the public. There are a number of ways you can help:

Form a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
This is a voluntary crime reduction scheme, which encourages neighbours to look after each other's homes and possessions. NHW can be effective as a residents group, with a voice that can help to get things improved in the area. The police are actively recruiting new schemes in Adamsdown. If you can assist then contact the Communities First Team based at Roath Police Station on Clifton Street

Report criminals and their acivities anonymously
If you are fed up with the way that criminal activity is having a negative impact on our community this is your chance to make a difference. You can report any information on crime or criminals, this includes anything you believe to be suspicious, or that effects your quality of life. Drop a note off to the Communities First Team at Roath Police Station. Alternatively, notes can be dropped off in secure boxes at:

- Roath Library, Newport Road
- Adamsdown Resource Centre, 10G Moira Terrace
- Clifton Street Post Office
- The Princes Trust, 120 Broadway
- Roathwell Surgery, 116 Newport Road

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