Thursday, October 14, 2004

Crime Figures

Nigel recently attended a meeting of the Roath Police Consultative Committee. There he had a chance to raise issues of concern to residents regarding policing in the Adamsdown area.

In particular the West Adamsdown area, where residents would like to see more police on the beat.

Recorded crime in the Roath Sector (which includes Adamsdown, Splott and Tremorfa) this year has been as follows:

Burglary - down 45%
Autocrime - down 19%
Violent Crime - up 23%

Monthly Unemployment Statistics

The monthly unemployment statistics for Adamsdown in September, as compiled by the Office of National Statistics, are as follows:

Male - 228 (up 3)
Female - 68 (no change)
Total - 296 (up 3)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm A Councillor - Get me out of here

Nigel is taking part in "I'm a Councillor - Get me out of here".

Nine Cardiff Councillors (4 Lib Dem, 2 Tory, 2 Labour and 1 Plaid) are making themselves available for scrutiny by various youth and school groups throughout the City.

Using this web site, students and young people have the opportunity to question councillors on a whole range of issues. Why not have a look.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Cardiff set to Agree Better Work Conditions for Social Care Staff

Cardiff Council’s Executive is set to discuss a bold move that would result in better working conditions for social care staff, a huge injection of capital and compliance with the most stringent disabled access legislation. It will also enable us to comply with a key recommendation of 2002’s Joint Review of social care services in Cardiff.

The Council’s Executive committee will be asked at their meeting on 6th October to approve a major reorganisation of Social Care office accommodation in the City. In outline the plan is to:

The Council intends to relocate the small number of service user facilities in some of these buildings. In particular it recognises the value of the Day Service provided by the Alzheimers Disease Society at Heol Don and has opened discussions with them to ensure that suitable alternative accommodation is found. It also intends keeping the multi-agency team providing services for older people with a mental health problem at Heol Don in North Cardiff rather than moving the service to the new location.

There are several compelling reasons for doing this. The Joint Review noted that many offices ‘are poorly situated and/or unsuitable for purpose with the attendant costs of inefficiency and maintenance.’ Additionally, many of them were opened in the 1980s under a decentralisation strategy. But since the service was decentralised it has been restructured. Most of the services provided from these buildings are no longer local, few of the buildings now provide much access for service users, they are costly to run and will become even more so.

None of the buildings that we propose to close were designed for social care use. In the main, they are Victorian family houses and their maintenance costs are high. Most do not meet disability access standards and it would cost a great deal of money to carry out the work that would be required to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). There are also problems providing a safe environment for staff in reception and interviewing. Again, this would cost a great deal to put right.

The move would allow Disabled Discrimination Act budgets and Health and Safety budgets to be focused on the 12 remaining buildings that will continue in use, so as to improve conditions for staff and service users there.

The building is well served by main roads and is next to Willcox House, to which Housing, Advice and Benefits Services are currently moving staff. This will provide opportunities for sharing facilities such as courier services, reception, meeting rooms, car parking and facilities management. The building itself is of a high standard and the costs of renting it are competitive

Cllr John Dixon, Executive Member, Health, Social Care & Well Being said: “These proposals are part of a new vision for the improving our service delivery. Implementation of a new computer system, developing high quality local access points strategically placed across the City and using the latest technology with links to C2C, will help services to be delivered efficiently and effectively at all levels. This integrated package of developments will result in a quicker and better response to enquiries and a planned and careful response to people’s needs.“

Journeys - 1 & 2 Upper Clifton Street

The Public Entertainments Licence for Music & Dancing for Journeys comes up for renewal shortly following a six month trial period.

The hours under consideration are:

Monday to Thursday - until 11.00pm
Friday and Saturday - until 1.00am
Sunday - until 10.30pm

As we have not received any adverse comments from neighbours regarding this premises, we will not be objecting to the application.

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