Thursday, August 31, 2006

New ambulance bay supported 

Local councillor Nigel Howells is supporting proposals to create an ambulance parking bay on the south east side of Newport Road Lane. At present, some members of the public are leaving their cars along both sides of the lane in the vicinity of the entrance to West Wing. This makes it extremely difficult for ambulances to load and unload. An ambulance parking bay will hopefully prevent these difficulties from happening.

The bay will operate from Monday to Saturday - 8am to 6pm.

Transformed Cemetery Park reopens 

Cemetery Park in Adamsdown will be open once again to the public at 1pm on September 3.
The Fun Day will celebrate the returning of the space to the community with basketball and football come-and-try sessions, arts and craft, badge making, face painting and circus skills.

The transformed park is a triumph for working in partnership with the local community and Adamsdown residents will be able to see the great new facilities on offer including the multi-use games area, an outside gym, dance space and memorial walk.

Cardiff Council ran a series of consultation exercises and workshops encouraging all local residents to play a part in the design and facilities available in the new park. Residents responded by designing their own memorial garden and youth area at the park. Continuing the consultation theme, residents will have the opportunity to contribute to future public arts projects in the West Adamsdown area at the Fun Day.

A competition was also held with pupils of Tredegarville Church in Wales Primary School to design a logo for the central feature of the memorial walk. The winning logo, depicting a church and cemetery theme, was designed by Urmi Ahmed, a year two pupil at the school.

Councillor Nigel Howells, Executive Member for Sport, Leisure & Culture, said: ā€œIā€™m delighted to see Cemetery Park open to the public. This has been an excellent example of a partnership between the Council and the local community working to its potential. The hard work on all sides has been well rewarded and I hope everyone has a fantastic day on Sunday enjoying the excellent new facilities.ā€

Monthly unemployment statement 

The monthly unemployment figures for the Adamsdown ward for the month of July 2006 are as follows:

Male 252 (down 8)
Female 53 (down 4)
Total 305 (down 12)

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